As a conglomerate, the RLC Group owns and is a shareholder to companies in various industries. Some of the companies that are a part of the brand include:

Rupert’s Land Consulting Inc.

Rupert’s Land is an engineering company that provides engineering solutions, project management and procurement for industrial, commercial and residential projects.  The company is used to support the other associated entities of the group.

GBD Homes Inc. operating as Green by Design Homes

It is a construction company that provides industrial, commercial and residential building services.  The company was founded with a mission to generate environmentally friendly green solutions in construction through the innovative use of materials, energy solutions and smart technology integration.

Rupert’s Land Pellet Corporation

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of RLC Group that focuses on the creation of energy through the WTE (waste to energy) projects.  These projects involve the conversion of household garbage to various energy value streams as well as those which convert wood waste into carbon pellets for sale in the power industry.

 Crush Developments West Inc (CDW)

Provides innovative solutions and guidance in infrastructure projects in the areas of oil refineries, industrial, and institutional. CDW provides direction and creates the environment for all elements, whether it be design consultants, construction contractors, financial analysts, logistics and sustainability experts, to contribute effectively to the success of a project.


The firm focusses on providing project management and construction solutions in the areas of industrial, commercial, multi-family residential, and institutional structures. The VCIBUILT team has many years of experience in a multitude of construction fields.

Creative Energy Corp

ValPow Bio-Energy Corporation

It is a partnership between RLP Corp. and Hossana & Global Resource Energy Corp. for the operation of a Biomass pellet plant in Valemount, British Columbia Canada.  The project is still in the environmental feasibility stage at this point in time.

 9876529 Canada Corp

Is an investment company which holds interests in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  This company focuses on capital creation to support offshore interests in energy sales.